Winged Unicorn Meditation

Techniques for the Development of Continuity of Consciousness

The exercises are geared to activate the head centers in the preparation of clairvoyance which involves heightening the senses through triangulation of certain chakras in the head.

The Way
In ancient legends, we read that man is like a building of seven stories. This building is occupied by a dweller, who unfortunately lives in the basement and is unaware that other higher stories exist in the building. This building is created in a way that as you go toward the upper stories, you can see more space and your consciousness functions with a power of synthesis. But the dweller in the basement does not know about all this.

Since time immemorial man is ignorant of the existence of the Way. The Way is the golden path to higher planes, to many mansions. It is called the Rainbow Bridge or the Antahkarana.

“I set the bow in the clouds and it shall be a sign of a covenant between me and the earth.” – Gen. 9:16

In Christian literature, the bridge is symbolized by the cross, upon which the Christ (Way) was crucified. The Rainbow bridge is mentioned in Revelations, wherein the angel appears having “the Rainbow of the cloud upon his head.”

The Mohammedans speak of the bridge as being “thinner than a hair and sharper than a sword and only the good man will be able to pass over the bridge, but the wicked will soon miss the footing and fall into hell.”

In Zoroastrian literature, we find reference to the bridge. “The bridge becometh a broad bridge for the righteous and it becomes a narrow bridge for the wicked. And he who is righteous passeth over the bridge, he who is wicked as he place his feet upon the bridge, falleth over the bridge and roll over head foremost.”

In Ageless Wisdom literature, there is a saying that goes: “Before a man can tread the Path, he must become the Path himself.” The Path is the Way, the Rainbow Bridge, the Antahkarana.

The Antahkarana has three main parts. One is called the life thread and is anchored in the heart, and it brings life to the body. It is the bridge between the spirit and the heart, or blood stream. It comes directly from the Father. The other one is called the consciousness thread is anchored in the head. This is the part of Antahkarana which gives consciousness to man. It comes directly from the soul. The other one is called the creative thread and is anchored in the throat. The thread makes man active in his expressions. Man becomes an artist and give expressions to his creative energies, inspirations and visions.

The Antahkarana is the key to immortality, or continuity of consciousness, to perfection. The key to transmutation, transformation and transfiguration of oneself. It is also the key to freedom, peace, bliss, joy, illumination, intelligence, love, wisdom, and power.

When one is successful in treading the Way, he becomes a superperson, a higher being, a saint, a mystic, an immortal, a Highlander, and a Master. He controls time and space, he touches great beauties, colors, music, perfumes, forms, that surpass everything in this world. He will be given keys to enter the locked rooms of the Holy of Holies in his own nature, unveil secrets of the Laws of God to bring down to ordinary life for the spiritualization of humanity. The further he penetrates the higher planes, the closer he comes to the real source of beauty, goodness, truth and proportionally the spirit of bliss, the spirit of understanding. The spirit of power dawns upon his daily life and makes his relationships magnetic, radioactive and blossoming.

We enter the Way through study, meditation and service.

For many ages these teachings were mysteries. They were told only to the Initiates in secret temples. But this is the Age of Revelation. In the past fifty years, however, this literature has increased. The Masters gave bits of information on this subject through Helena Petrovna Blavatsky; Master Djwhal Khul gave more instructions about the bridge through Alice Bailey. In recent times many meditational techniques were introduced by the Masters through channels to hasten the development of the Antahkarana and the evolution of mankind to keep pace with Earth’s own evolution and changes. One of these practices is the Winged Unicorn Meditation Technique.

To be initiated into any deeper esoteric training, like the Winged Unicorn Meditation Technique, it is necessary to have the following qualities already present in the person for a safe and sequential unfolding:

  1. Character. Briefly, a student undergoing esoteric training must have more or less built a character of which he is mentally, emotionally, and physically integrated and balanced as a personality, and also spiritually awakened.
  2. Physical Health. A student must be a person who is more or less a vegetarian by personal choice; thereby possessed of a refined physical body.
  3. Esoteric Background. A student has been on the path for some time and is well acquainted with Basic Esoteric Teachings provided by Theosophy or other ancient esoteric schools of thought.
  4. Will to Persist. Treading the Way of the Spirit is not an easy task. The student in search for the truth meets obstacles and difficulties along the way. Many of which could pin the searcher down so hard that at times one gives up the challenge because progress is not apparent. The student’s greatest enemy is usually himself – the man of the world. So having developed the will to persist, a harmless, inclusive and self-less character will guarantee his progress and success in achieving his goal.

The Technique
Using the Unicorn Third Eye Disk, the student undertakes certain preliminary exercises and the meditation proper. The exercises are geared to activate the head centers in the preparation of clairvoyance which involves heightening the senses through triangulation of certain chakras in the head. Also these exercises may awaken the faculty of intuition. The meditation proper consists of breathing in a certain pattern and using light energy to activate certain chakras. If one is doing some other form of meditation, one should rest for two days before starting the Winged Unicorn Meditation and vice versa.

It must be borne in mind that once taught, the student is not allowed to divulge or share the technique with anyone who is not an approved and recognized member of the group. This technique at the present time is for only a few who are “ready”; for a shift in consciousness and is of no use for the unprepared and may even prove disastrous for them. The student must keep the technique to himself, and practice persistently and regularly in order to test effectiveness and achieve results. The student’s efforts will be rewarded one day.

Unfortunately, the Winged Unicorn Meditation Technique is not suitable for everybody. So one must not be offended if one is not taught the practice after a pre-screening process. This is only because certain applicants may not be healthy enough to withstand the physical, emotional and mental stresses and changes they will be subjected to.

Should you still be interested in applying despite the constraint stated beforehand, please contact us.

Thank you for your interest.

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