Triangles by Mang Mike Nator

Network of Light and Goodwill

The function of Triangles is the building and maintenance of a planetary Network of Light and Goodwill, by units of three people who believe in and utilize the power of thought and the energy of goodwill. The work in Triangles, while of deep esoteric significance, is fundamentally simple. Visualization, clear directed thought, and the use of the Great Invocation are its essential features.

To form a Triangle it is necessary to find two others willing to join in a daily act of service. Each day the three members recall the existence of their triangle, visualize lines of light linking them with one another, relate the triangle unit to the worldwide network of triangles, invoke spiritual energies through the use of the Great Invocation, and channel them out to humanity through the Network of Light and Goodwill.

The members of Triangles themselves find others willing to form other triangles. Distance and timing are of no account, and the number of triangles in which the individual can work effectively is a matter of personal choice. As the number of triangles grow, so the the worldwide Network of Light and Goodwill is strengthened and becomes more closely knit, forming an invocative field of energy relating humanity and the spiritual Hierarchy.

The rebuilding of the planetary etheric body is one of the esoteric purpose of triangles, as the energy patterns of the soul and the Triad is built into the subtle vehicles of humanity. Triangles is an outer reflection of a transmitted and repeated energy pattern and circulation of cosmic origin. For humanity and for the purpose to be implemented on earth, the essential underlying significance of Triangles has been summed up perfectly in these few words: “Triangles work helps to create the right spiritual atmosphere in which the members of the new group of world servers can work effectively.”

In the Triangles activity, SUFI members have an opportunity to unite esoteric and exoteric workers in one spiritual undertaking, enabling the men and women of good intention – working under the inspiration of goodwill – to be successful in their combined efforts to bring about right human relations on earth.

To SUFI members the Triangles Work is one of its service activities.

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