The Unicorn Disk Exercises

The Unicorn Disk Exercises

In order to fully activate the 3rd eye disk and take advantage of its deepest powers, begin each session with the following exercises. At first the exercises may be hard to do, because they are diagnostic: the one you have difficulty will show in what way your psychic centers are imbalanced. Doing the difficult exercises helps correct the imbalance. The more your work with the disk, the easier all the exercises become, as your 3rd and 4th eyes are energized, re-aligned, tuned and focused.

The First Exercise – This is used to open, center, focus, balance, tune, and strengthen the 3rd and 4th eyes. It then aligns both eyes with your throat chakra (astral hearing) and crown chakra (spiritual connection).

Second Exercise – This will expand and equalize the energy flow between the right and left hemisphere of the brain, and increases the energy current connecting the 3rd and 4th chakras.

Third Exercise – This is for projecting the 3rd and 4th energies, focusing them. Excellent for establishing and strengthening telepathic links with masters, guides and friends.

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