The Evening Review

Evening Review

It is hoped that each students will endeavor each night, before retiring, to review the incidents, events, thoughts, words and acts of the day. This should always be done backwards, beginning with the events of immediate happening, and working from thence backwards to the hour of rising. This should not take longer than ten or fifteen minutes. You not expected to dwell on incidents but to observe cause and effects and attitude of mind.

There are four main reasons why the evening review is made a regular part of our work…

  1. Self-examination is illuminating for the student. A primary injunction which is given to all occults is “KNOW THYSELF”. A strict investigation into the doings of the day is a help towards this knowledge.
  2. The occultist is one who works consciously with the law of CAUSE AND EFFECT, both in connection with himself and with the plans of evolution. A master wields the law in the three worlds. We, as occult students, must begin with ourselves and by the study of the effect (as far as we can ascertain them) of your acts, words and deeds eventually arrive at a knowledge of causes. This will become more apparent as the student practices his review, and traces the various effects in his life back to the originating cause. Facility in doing this will grow.
  3. Another valuable link of investigation for the student is the ascertaining of the motives which impelled him to a particular act of word. Through this review, when correctly followed, he will arrive at the subjective impulse which produced the act or word. In this way he begins the work with that which is subjective and to understand that which lies behind all phenomena or form. He will arrive at an understanding of himself and a wider tolerance of his brother.
  4. When the consciousness of the ego or soul is fully developed, only the eternal now is found to exist; the past the present and the future are seen as one. As the synthetic grasp of the day’s happening is achieved, the tendency is to think in larger terms is gradually developed.

Please watch carefully so as to avoid morbid self analysis and selfish introspection. This is unwholesome. Do your review and then put it away out of your thoughts. If mistakes have been made, rectify them but do not be occupied with brooding over them. Tim is valuable land should be used for creating the future instead of lamenting the past.

If you find it impossible to do this review in the evening, you may do it at any convenient time during the day so as to cover the past twenty-four hours, only make it a regular practice.

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By Mang Mike Nator

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