What is S.U.F.I.?

Serve the U.N.I.C.O.R.N. Fellowship, Inc. is a society of men and women of goodwill who make study, meditation, and service a way of life, and who are willing to undergo esoteric training for the purpose of uplifting the quality of life of the individual, the nation or group of nations.

The keynote is SERVICE. S.U.F.I.’s service activities are channeled through healing, counselling, and educating through a program of spiritual regeneration synthesizing Western and Eastern philosophies, religion and science, theory and practice.

Spiritual transformation is achieved through the Unicorn Regeneration Program disseminated principally through S.U.F.I.’s educational arm – the Integral Studies of Inner Sciences (I.S.I.S.). I.S.I.S. renders classroom and correspondence courses in basic and applied esoteric teachings as well as specialized workshops.

A non-sectarian, non-political, and non-profit organization founded by mystic teacher and spiritual healer, Miguel Nator, S.U.F.I. was incorporated in the Philippines on November 6, 1992 and is a registered donee institution with the Bureau of Internal Revenue. S.U.F.I. is sustained primarily by voluntary contributions, donations, and membership fees. All donations are tax-exempt and fully deductible for income tax purposes.

U.N.I.C.O.R.N. Explained
U – stands for Union. The banding together of persons or groups for a specific purpose or objective.
N – stands for National, or pertaining to the Nation.
I – stands for Involvement. Implies participation and commitment.
C – stands for Concerning. In this case, what involvement is about.
O – stands for Operations. These are group of activities geared to specific result in terms of operational techniques and methodologies.
R – stands for Regeneration, renewal, restoration, reconstruction, redemption, reorientation, and rehabilitation.
N – stands for the Nation in regard to the people as a group or society that is the object of change and regeneration.

S U F I’ S 7 P’s – The Creative Approach to Regeneration
Synthesis of Western and Eastern philosophy, religion and science, theory and practice.

The basic need is the spiritual regeneration of the nation through exoteric and esoteric education.

SUFI (the Soul) controls Unicorn (its mechanism). The SUFI board makes the policies. The executive committee implements them.

“Unicorn Regeneration Program”


  1. Teach Bio-Energy Healing, Winged Unicorn Meditation, Meditation on Twin Hearts, Triangles Work, and other Esoteric Teachings.
  2. Disseminate Great Invocation Posters, SUFI bulletin, and other works on regeneration teachings.
  3. Encourage all to make study, meditation and service a way of life.


  1. Establishment of SUFI Centres or lodges all over the world.
  2. Implementation of Unicorn Programs
    a. Bio-energy Healing
    b. Bio-energy Farming
    c. Publishing House
    d. Maintenance of an Esoteric School – “Integral Studies of Inner Sciences”

The balancing of energies and forces, its positive and negative elements through techniques and methodologies of the inner and spiritual sciences. Every SUFI member strives to be a self-transformed individual using a seven-step process of self-unfoldment.

7 Steps to Self-Unfoldment

  1. Development of harmlessness or non- injury in thoughts, words, feelings, and actions.
  2. Development of inclusiveness by regarding every man a child of God.
  3. Development of self-forgetfulness and selflessness in the service of God.
  4. Demonstration of good thoughts and ideas translated into practical deeds through positive goodwill.
  5. Donate intelligently and wisely with loving kindness – time, effort and money to the Great Plan of God.
  6. Do Triangles Work, Winged Unicorn Meditation, Meditation on Twin Hearts, and study ISIS courses regularly and conscientiously.
  7. Desire nothing for the separative self but desire all for the good of the other self.
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