SUFI Origin

Miguel C. Nator
Miguel C. Nator / Mang Mike

The Origins of S.U.F.I. by Miguel C. Nator

Sometime in 1971, I was operating a bakery business in Cebu. A part of this bakery was devoted to some sort of an ashram where I would teach students and disciples along the spiritual path. One day while baking, something unusual happened to me. It was around 2 o’clock in the afternoon when I fell unconscious. I heard what was like the buzzing sound of a bee followed by a big bang. Then there was this brilliant light, and the next thing I knew I was in a hotel room somewhere in Argentina with four other disciples of the Master.

During what seemed to be a short audience with the Master, we were given assignments. Each one of us was to establish a school and to form a group that would spread the teachings of the Masters. The only one among the students that I met because he was sitting next to me was a man named Mario Luis Rodrigues Cobos. This gentleman’s teachings eventually became known as Siloism. I did not take this encounter as anything significant until my disciple, Butch Castañeto, related to me what transpired during that interval.

A student at the San Carlos University, Butch recounted that he was looking for me at that exact time. As I usually lie down when I meditate, he went to my room, but could not find me. He conducted a long search, but I was not to be found. Two to three hours later, he looked inside my room again, and this time found me there. It was only after his story that I believed that I must have been truly in Argentina during that short two to three hour interval.

Four years later, Butch introduced to me his chemical engineering classmate who was looking for a psychic. I read his classmate’s aura, and his future. This classmate is now known as Choa Kok Sui, the Master Pranic Healer. I was not to see him again until 1981. Meanwhile I went to Iran the following year 1976 and returned in 1979. It was in 1981 that I suffered a stroke. When he heard of my stroke, Master Choa came to see me. It was our second encounter. He gave me some form of healing and advised me to exercise and to undertake physical therapy. I followed his advice.

I eventually moved to Manila to help my sister in her bakery business. By this time, Master Choa was based in Manila because of his business. When he heard that I was in Manila, he looked for me and eventually found me. And that’s when we started seeing each other regularly. He would come to the house to do some experiments after lunch at about 12 noon and leave at 12 midnight.

While meditating during one of those experiments, Master Mei Ling appeared because he wanted to communicate with Master Choa. I told him that his teacher, the Lord Mei Ling, wanted to tell him something. Master Mei Ling overshadowed me and told me to tell Master Choa to write books. He was to first write the book on the teachings of pranic healing. We were being watched and our experiments were being observed by Master Mei Ling. If we had any questions regarding pranic healing, we were just to tune in and contact him. So the experiments with Master Mei Ling’s inputs started in 1983. In 1986, Master Choa started writing. He finished and published the book in 1987. He compiled all his data and put them in the form of a book.

All this time, I was being haunted by a voice reminding me of my personal mission and urging me to form a group. I would intuit suggestions and I would write them down in notes. I wrote a list of names to form a group to start with. Jess Española was among the first people who were interested. We met for the first time in Master Choa’s house. At that time, there were about two or three psychics in the group, students from University of the Philippines, and those who were well versed in theosophy. We would meet almost every afternoon, and talk about theosophy and other schools of thought. That’s how we started. Other people joined us. Gerarld Victoria’s mother. Followed by Gerarld. The group kept growing and growing. As I look at the group now, it is very well established. I have fulfilled what I have been told to do.

There were certain principles and laws that I have always been reminded to teach. One is that I will accept students who come from different schools of thought. The group should be seekers of synthesis, and that harmlessness, selflessness, meditation, study and service are very much emphasized. There were Rosicrucians, Masons. But some of them could not stay long in the group. Others come and go. But Gerald, his mother, his father, Mang Leo, and the people from the Theosophical Society were attracted to the group.

At first, the Master indicated to me that self-unfoldment would be the focus of the group to make ourselves better persons – spiritually and materially balanced with the spirit of fellowship. So we called ourselves the Self Unfoldment Fellowship. The unicorn came later after several encounters with them. I immediately tied up the unicorn to the idea of regeneration, and a regeneration program came into being. I have been guided to give my full thrust to the idea of regeneration, but this time not from one school of thought. This should come from different schools of thought. What should be emphasized is Self-Unfoldment through Harmlessness, Synthesis, Meditation and Selflessness.

At that time, I was very much involved in Master Djwhal Khul’s work. I became a fellow of the Arcane School and I have been in contact with Lucis Trust. I was able to fortify myself with knowledge channeled to me by Master Djwhal Khul, Master Mei Ling, and Master Om. I interracted with Master Om for a short while. That was some time in 1983 and 1984. But after that, only Master Mei Ling and Master Djwhal Khul would enter into my consciousness and dictate some things to be taught to students.

The group observed meditation and fellowship every full moon of the month. We established the school, ISIS, when I was already at the Maria Clara apartment. There was a time, I stayed at Gerarld’s place from Cubao. I moved to Maria Clara after that. The group was finally formed. SUFI is independent from the Institute and the Pranic Healing Foundation. Master Choa cannot interfere with the decisions and workings of SUFI. I emphasized that to him as that is the wish of Master Djwhal Khul. At that time, I did not talk about the other Master. My real teacher is Master Gammaliel…Master G. It was like I was being borrowed by Master Djwhal Khul.

Master G is the founder of this school. But to be able to understand him requires a different level of consciousness. It is through Master Djwhal Khul that Master G will be understood by the people at the present time. Master G is the inspirer or giver of energy, but Master Djwhal Khul is the one who defines all the things that are necessary as far as understanding human evolution is concerned. As you all know, Master Djwhal Khul inspired Madame Blavatsky to found the Theosophical Society, and then the Alice Bailey books, but those are not the only ones. He is responsible for many other books in the world today whose spiritual teachings center on humanity’s evolution as intended by the Plan. I am merely following whatever suggestions and impressions I receive from the Masters.

Now Master G only comes once in a while if there is great urgency. The revelation of the Unicorn Disk is part of his work. It is a tool used in the preparation and the development of the molecular structure not only of the human being, but of all things that are evolving. He is responsible for that and it is part of his dharma to emphasize the rapid development of mankind. We are told to practice with the disk so that with the use of light and vibration, we can gain accelerated improvement of certain faculties. As you know, man uses only 1/10 of his brain. The rapid changes at this present time will allow us the full use of consciousness and the development of the continuity of consciousness or immortality.

This comes down to rarefying the molecular structure of our etheric bodies. As the etheric vibrates at higher and higher frequencies, the higher teachings that would be needed in the future are revealed to the practitioner. So man is now guided to develop certain powers. Images that have not even been tapped. What we will become familiar with may be a hundred times, a thousand times more that our brain will have to expand … a very complicated matter. And if man is to stay on earth and still have a body, his body will be of a higher kind. By then, it will be mostly etheric and may probably be existing on the fourth dimension. The lower kingdom will also be raised to a higher degree; becoming more likely human. And so it goes on all levels of existence one after the other. What we are trying to do now is to experiment on ourselves individually and as a group in order to fulfill what we were meant to be as demanded by the times. But right now only very few are aware and conscious of what’s happening. Others are still asleep. So it’s our duty to awaken them but not forcibly. It’s our dharma to make them aware of the needs of the times.

The vehicle for service and for spreading wisdom is in SUFI-ISIS. It is my wish that everyone in the group will be able to continue the work. That is how it is supposed to be. Continue specially at this time because the years ahead are going to be rough. So I would like to ask your cooperation and understanding with the desire that you dedicate yourself as a light worker not only for the Philippines but for the whole world.

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