Service Order of the Unicorn Light

S.O.U.L.: Service Order of the Unicorn Light

What is Soul?

This is the name of the society of intelligent men and women of goodwill who make study, meditation and service a way of life; who are willing to undergo esoteric training for the purpose of uplifting the quality of life of the individual, nation and of the world. This society is a non-sectarian, non-political, non-profit organization.

This society is service oriented. Its service activities are channeled through healing, counselling or educating the individual, the nation and the world through the program of regeneration called the UNICORN or the Union for National Involvement Concerning Operation to Regenerate the Nation(s) through esoteric training.

What is UNICORN?

It is the mechanism of the SOUL. It is the vehicle of the body through which the energies of SOUL shall be given expression and the creative transforming forces become demonstrable facts in the individuals, nations or group of nations. UNICORN is the vehicle that will carry out the purpose of the SOUL in its goal towards spiritual regeneration of the Philippines and eventually the world. This is the society’s spiritual enterprise.

Why UNICORN? Symbolism Explained:

Legend of the UNICORN

The Unicorn is a legendary animal resembling a horse that is white with a long pointed horn at the center of its forehead. It is said to be fierce and savage. It can be tamed only by the touch of a virgin. -Encyclopedia Brittanica

  1. The whiteness of the horse represents purity and signifies the divine nature.
  2. Its fierceness and savagery signifies the animal nature.
  3. The taming of the animal by the touch of a virgin is equivalent to the taming of the animal nature of man by the awakening of the soul. Here the virgin is the soul who claims full control over the mechanism or body rendering the animal docile or tamed like a dove.

The Unicorn very much symbolizes man by reason of this origin which is divine. But there is also an animal aspect because he is more or less demonstrates savagery and fierceness until he awakens to the touch of his own soul who virtually tames him to return to the center of his being. Because of this, the acronym UNICORN is the fit symbol of the program of regeneration and also of the self-transformed man. The long horn at the center of the animal’s forehead symbolizes the achievement of right fusion or blending of man’s threefold constitution, i.e., his threefold personality: physical/etheric, astral and mental vehicles and their higher correspondence through the usual long way of evolution or through the shorter way of the self-chosen forcing process consciously applied.

Definition of Terms Used in the acronym UNICORN

U — stand for union, the banding together of persons for a specific purpose.
N — stands for national, pertaining to the nation.
I — stands for involvement, implies participation and commitment.
C — stands for concerning, in this case what is involvement is about.
O — stands for operations, these are group activities geared to specific results in terms of operational techniques and methodologies of regeneration.
R — stands for regeneration, renewal, reconstruction, restoration, redemption and reorientation.
N — stands for nation in regard to the people as a group or society — the object of change.

SOUL’s seven P’s to Unicorn Creative Approach

  1. Philosophy — synthesis of Eastern and Western Philosophy, religion, science and theory and practice.
  2. Priority — basic need for Spiritual regeneration of the individual, the nation and the world through esoteric teachings and training.
  3. Policy — SOUL controls UNICORN (Unicorn is its mechanism).
  4. Program — National Spiritual Regeneration Regeneration Program called UNICORN.
  5. Project
    1. Establishment of SOUL centers all over the Philippines and eventually to the world.
    2. Implementation of UNICORN program.
    3. Establishment of esoteric school — ISIS (Integral Studies for Inner Sciences) which shall offer preparatory, intermediate and advanced courses.
  6. Plan
    1. To teach pranic healing, meditation on twin hearts and other esoteric teachings.
    2. Disseminate the great invocation, triangles work and the Will-to-do-good work.
    3. Encourage all to make study, meditation and service a way of life.
  7. Procedure — Balancing of energies and forces, its positive and negative elements or polarities through techniques and methodologies of the inner sciences.

Seven Rules of the Order

  1. Develop harmlessness or non-injury in thoughts, words, feelings and actions.
  2. Develop inclusiveness by regarding every man a child of God.
  3. Develop self-forgetfulness or selfishness in the service of the Lord of Love.
  4. Demonstrate good thoughts and ideas into practical deeds through positive goodwill.
  5. Do give intelligently and wisely with loving-kindness your time, effort and money to the Plan as an aspect of the Will-to-do-good Work.
  6. Do Triangles Work and Meditation on the Twin Hearts.
  7. Do study, meditation and service as way of life.

These rules, when followed sincerely and wholeheartedly, will bring about the needed change towards a better quality of life in the individual, nation and group of nations.

National Fund

The society is financed through voluntary contributions of its members and through donations from friends and its supporting foundations and also from its lodges or branches. The fund is the life-blood of the organization. It is the soul of the organization without which the body ceases to function. The funds are liked to the vital forces that keep the body alive and keep it going.

Esoteric School

I.S.I.S. — Integrated School of Inner Sciences

The school is divided into three levels:

  1. Preparatory or Beginner’s School — One year course. The aim of this course is to develop and control the emotions through the use of the concrete mind. The main technique is the Technique of Indifference which may be broken down into:
    1. Purification of vehicles or bodies
    2. Character building
    3. Elementary Pranic Healing, Triangles Work, Great Invocation, book study (Basic Theosophy), etc.
    4. Raja Yoga, meditation on twin hearts (Science of Meditation)
  2. Intermediate School — 2 year course. The aim of this course is the development and control of emotional and mental vehicles by the Soul or Ego. The main technique used is the technique of Light or Illumination:
    1. Purification of vehicles or bodies (continued)
    2. Character building (continued)
    3. Advanced study and Meditation (Kriya Yoga, Advanced Theosophy, etc)
    4. Science of Antahkarana, Science of Soul
      1. Building of the Antahkarana
      2. Contacting the Soul
      3. Formation of the Unicorn Light (Development of the Intuition)
  3. Advanced School — Two year course. The aim of this course is to Control and Fusion of Soul consciousness with the Universal Consciousness or God Consciousness.
    1. Science of Service
    2. Winged Unicorn Meditation Technique or Techniques for the Development of Continuity of Consciousness
    3. Technique of the Presence or God Consciousness

A SOUL member who completes the five (5) year course in ISIS earns the title of UNIST — Unicorn Inner Science Technologist and becomes part of the teaching force of the school and is also eligible as board director candidate.

Note: To become a member of SOUL, one need not give to one’s religion, society or organization to which he is affiliated and that as a field of service where he can put into practice that which he has learned and gained from being a member of SOUL, the truth seeker synthesis.

Logo of the SOUL Explained

sufi-isis logo
  1. The core represents Essential Life or Spirit in dual expression, positive and negative (white and black in color), yin and yang.
  2. The Crown Chakra represents the consciousness aspect of Life.
  3. The Heart Chakra represents the vitality aspect of Life.
  4. Both crown and heart chakras (pinkish and golden in color) act as the soul in manifestation in the being of man.
  5. The large blue equilateral triangle represents the ideal form through which the manifesting soul therein inscribed expresses itself outwardly, hence pointing downwards.
  6. The three smaller equilateral triangles pointing upwards represents the lower aspects of man, head, heart and throat centers which are invocative and receptive of the transmuting energies coming from the evoked Soul.
  7. The twelve rays or petals represents the twelve radial points of service which SOUL through UNICORN. They also represents the twelve zodiac signs, the twelve full moon festival and the twelve months of the year.

Steps on How to Start and Form a Lodge

  1. The person who wishes to form a lodge must first find these qualities present in him:
    1. a developed sense of responsibility
    2. the noble desire for change
    3. one-pointedness
    4. perseverance
    5. the willingness to sacrifice in service of his fellowmen.
  2. The person possessing some of these qualities may proceed to the second step of forming a triangle with two other persons in his district or community — persons who are desirous to change for the better.
  3. All three members of the triangular cell will each look for two other persons to form four triangles — the first being the major triangle, and the other three being the minor triangles — making nine persons involved in the triangles work and meditation on the twin hearts.
  4. With nine persons engaged in triangles work, the head or organizer in the group may now apply to the SOUL Central office for recognition as a lodge of SOUL, doing group work to uplift the quality of life in the community.
  5. With the approval of the president of the society, the lodge is recognized and accepted as SOUL center in that district. All authority is now entrusted to these nine persons who are going to implement the program of the UNICORN as the “Council of Nine”, coordinating with the Central Office in the work of spiritual regeneration through esoteric teachings and training.
  6. The Lodge formed, the council of nine become the governing body of the district or community of persons who desire change.
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