Master Gammaliel, Master Djwhal Khul and the Unicorn Third Eye Disk

The disk is a tool used in the preparation and the development of the molecular structure.

The real teacher of Mang Mike is Master Gammaliel…Master G. It was like Mang Mike was being borrowed by Master Djwhal Khul. Master G is the founder of this school. But to be able to understand him requires a different level of consciousness. It is through Master Djwhal Khul that Master G will be understood by the people at the present time. Master G is the inspirer or giver of energy, but Master Djwhal Khul is the one who defines all the things that are necessary as far as understanding human evolution is concerned. The revelation of the Unicorn Disk is part of his work. It is a tool used in the preparation and the development of the molecular structure not only of the human being, but of all things that are evolving. He is responsible for that and it is part of his dharma to emphasize the rapid development of mankind. We are told to practice with the disk so that with the use of light and vibration, we can gain accelerated improvement of certain faculties. As you know, man uses only 1/10 of his brain. The rapid changes at this present time will allow us the full use of consciousness and the development of the continuity of consciousness or immortality.

This comes down to rarefying the molecular structure of our etheric bodies. As the etheric vibrates at higher and higher frequencies, the higher teachings that would be needed in the future are revealed to the practitioner. So man is now guided to develop certain powers. Images that have not even been tapped. What we will become familiar with may be a hundred times, a thousand times more that our brain will have to expand … a very complicated matter. And if man is to stay on earth and still have a body, his body will be of a higher kind. By then, it will be mostly etheric and may probably be existing on the fourth dimension. The lower kingdom will also be raised to a higher degree; becoming more likely human. And so it goes on all levels of existence one after the other. What we are trying to do now is to experiment on ourselves individually and as a group in order to fulfill what we were meant to be as demanded by the times. But right now only very few are aware and conscious of what’s happening. Others are still asleep. So it’s our duty to awaken them but not forcibly. It’s our dharma to make them aware of the needs of the times.