Meditation on Twin Hearts – the Sufi-Isis version

Peace and Blessings…

Meditation on Twin Hearts is a blessing of the earth and of all beings meditation. According to the law of Karma or “what you sow you reap” your giving or blessing entitles you to receive the same blessings. Which means your progress will be fast spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially when you bless. More blessings for others more blessings for you. Peace…

Physical Exercises

Invocation for Divine Blessings

Father, I humbly invoke for they blessing. For protection, guidance and illumination. With thanks and in full faith, so be it…


Sit comfortably and relax, close your eyes and straighten your spine. Now take a deep breath and as you exhale let go all the weariness and negatives that you have. Now you can smile. Let this smiling energy spread to your eyes, smile and relax. Your head is smiling… down to your heart, and eyes. The spine should be straight. Take a deep breath and relax. Smile, put a smile on your face. Let this smiling energy spread to your eyes, smile and relax. Let this smiling energy flow down from your head slowly… down to your throat and neck… down to your shoulders… relax, smile and let this smiling energy flow down to your heart, smile to your heart, lungs, stomach, liver kidneys. Smile, relax and bring this smiling energy down to your legs.

Activation of the Heart Chakra

Concentrate on your heart chakra. Inhale and exhale slowly using your heart chakra. Visualize a small planet earth in front of you. Imagine that you are in outer space looking down at the planet earth. Visualize the big brilliant sun near the planet earth. Imagine and visualize yourself inside the big sun. Concentrate on your heart chakra and imagine that the light from your heart is flowing out radiantly and blessing the entire earth with Loving Kindness. Visualize the light from the sun filling, showering, enveloping the entire planet earth with Loving kindness, joy and peace. Let the entire earth be filled, be blessed with Loving Kindness.

Activation of the Crown Chakra

Concentrate on your crown chakra – (repeat the same blessing procedure as above. Bless the earth using the Crown chakra.)

Activation of the Hearth and Crown Chakra

Concentrate on your Heart and Crown chakra – (repeat the same blessing procedure as above. Bless the earth using the Heart and Crown chakra.)

Point of Light

Visualize a point of light on top of your head. Imagine this point of light as a brilliant pearl or a dazzling diamond. Focus your attention to this point of light. Inhale and exhale slowly. Mentally chant the sacred word AMEN or AUM. Ah-om… A-men…


Visualize the small planet earth in front of you. We are going to release by blessing the excess energy generated by this Meditation.

Let the entire earth and all sentient beings be blessed and filled with love, light and prosperity. Visualize the excess energy from your heart and crown chakra going to the planet and all the people. Continue blessing the earth with love, joy peace and prosperity until such time that all the excess energy are released.

Giving thanks for all the blessings

Lord, thank you for all the blessings. To the Holy Angels and to all those who helped, thank you. May you be blessed.

Physical Exercise

The Meditation on Twin Hearts was developed by Mang Sam and Mang Mike.

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  1. Lots of respect and love
    Hope and prey that the original and authentic teachings of Mang Mike resurfaces on earth and there may be many many advance practishnor very soon.

    If you give any online classes or sessions pls intimate me .

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    Love and light to the team behind this website. I want to learn this winged unicorn meditation. Please let me know how can I learn this.


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