Master Mei Ling Communicates thru Mang Mike

While meditating during one of those experiments, Master Mei Ling appeared because he wanted to communicate with Master Choa. I told him that his teacher, the Lord Mei Ling, wanted to tell him something. Master Mei Ling overshadowed me and told me to tell Master Choa to write books. He was to first write the book on the teachings of pranic healing. We were being watched and our experiments were being observed by Master Mei Ling. If we had any questions regarding pranic healing, we were just to tune in and contact him. So the experiments with Master Mei Ling’s inputs started in 1983. In 1986, Master Choa started writing. He finished and published the book in 1987. He compiled all his data and put them in the form of a book.

– Mang Mike Nator

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