Easter and the UNICORN

In esoteric astrology, the zodiac sign of Aries opens new cycles which give birth to a new expression of Spirit. It was thence on the Easter full moon of Aries that the Christ bestowed His greatest gift upon humanity – the concept of resurrection.

Resurrection means to go back to the original state of being. It is the withdrawal of Spirit from matter through the process of adaption and victory over matter. In esoteric teaching, resurrection is the process of conquering death and achieving continuity of consciousness. The Christ was one of the first to achieve such victory over matter. Through his victory, he built a path of return for us, “from darkness to light, from unreal to the real, from death to immortality.”

In Christian religion there are two sets of esoteric symbols for resurrection. The tomb and the risen Christ was the first. The egg and the chicken was the second. The tomb is matter from which Spirit mush rise. The egg is the personality from which the soul must rise. The Cosmic Physical Plane is an egg from which the Spirit of humanity must resurrect Itself.

The winged unicorn is another symbol of resurrection. Medieval Christian mystics represent and signify the animal mortal nature. Its whiteness represents purity and signifies the divine immortal nature. The taming of the unicorn by the touch of a virgin signifies the taming of the animal nature in man by the awakening influence of his higher self, or immortal soul, symbolized by the virgin. The long horn symbolizes the achievement of right fusion of the integration of man’s lower and higher self. A pair of wings signify the unicorn’s liberation from its earthly bondage.

Until man awakens to the touch of his won soul who virtually tames and controls him to return to the original state of his being, he remains trapped in a mortal tomb. Easter is one such period of great effort to resurrect ourselves from the tomb of our personal limitations and hindrances in order to shine out as Souls. Because of this, the winged unicorn is an appropriate symbol of the Easter, the self-transforming man, and the spiritual regeneration movement founded by Mang Mike.

In this context, S.U.F.I. therefore deems it fitting to launch the U.N.I.C.O.R.N. movement during the Easter Full Moon. The Union for National Involvement Concerning Operations to Regenerate the Nations seeks to raise and transform the spiritual consciousness of our country and the world through a seven-step unfoldment process. We urge all men and women of goodwill to heed the call to bring the Light to the darkness.

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