An Interview with Mang Mike

An Interview with Mang Mike

I’ve always thought that the practice of Unicorn Clairvoyance and MerKaBa ceased when the classes ended, but to my surprise this was just the beginning – the beginning to the path of spiritual evolution. Every last Saturday for the MerKaBa and first Saturday for the Unicorn Clairvoyance is a special gathering that unites theory and practice. Making use of the Third Eye Disk and the new MerKaBa Disk, group meditations and blessing of intentions usually take place. Amazing results and a whole new dimension of experience unfold right before the group. Feelings of joy, bliss, wonder seem to saturate and satiate the heart of everyone, leaving each with a sense of Universal balance and harmony. These meetings gave me a glimpse of the energies existing in the higher dimensions. Many questions pop up after the meditation – verifying, always eager to know about the experience. We’d always turn to Mang Mike or Mike Nator for some answers. Now, more than ever, I appreciate the need and presence of a teacher. Life becomes a lot of easier with one – that’s for sure! Here are some of the answers to the inquiries.

Q: What is remote viewing and how is different from astral projection?
Mang Mike: Remote viewing is clairvoyance where the astral and mental bodies are working together in unity. So, the five senses are functioning in unified form enabling the viewer to see what is happening from a distance, to see what is happening where the mind is focused. Astral projection uses the astral body which leaves the physical without severing the cord connection it to the physical body. But the data gathered during this experience is based on feelings, memories, emotions translated or interpreted by the mind.

Q: So, the mind being the vessel must be developed?
Mang Mike: Yes, if the mental body is well-developed, the physical body well-disciplined, the etheric-physical is energetic, then such a person would have a different experience form someone who isn’t. It’s like a certain object is viewed by different kinds of people, their degree of perception will be affected by the kind of people they are. People who are very intelligent would obviously have a totally different experience from someone who is dumb. There is no definite boundaries, usually a mixture of various factors he’s also been exposed to. But, there are no right or wrong experiences because each person is just different. This is what makes a master. A master has the mastery or control of the mind and his different bodies.

Q: What about telepathy, what vehicle does it use?
Mang Mike: Telepathic communication uses more of the mental body. You tune in to a particular dimension and it is the mental body the carries it. When you project a thought, this gets translated to higher levels of consciousness. Actually, depending upon your level of development, that’s how you’re going to project your thoughts.

Q: So, meditation is the medium by which you can have this experience?
Mang Mike: Yes, with meditation you tap the other forms of reality and makes you aware of the inner world. The condition of the bodies you’re utilizing for the moment is very important because it is the facility by which you can go to the mental, astral and etheric levels. However your meditation is coated by, if you are using feelings, or emotions that would be your vehicles by which you’d understand your experiences. Again, these all depends on the development of the mind.

Q: Are there any dangers when you go into these kind of experiences?
Mang Mike: When you go into these experiences, you do not identify with the experiences, rather, look at these from an observer’s point of view. If you are riding a cart driven by a horse, you should not only be in control of the reins, but to the whole cart and the horse itself. This will make you have a better experiences.

Q: Doesn’t it also happen that deep seated emotions become re-surface when you have no control? I remember you telling me about this once, it happened to me.
Mang Mike: Yes some of these deep seated emotions of many lifetimes are tapped. As to whether or not you do release yourself from them depends on the mastery of the vehicles of expression. So, STUDY is very important. Then, you must develop the qualities of desirelessness and non-attachment. This prepares the mind to accept the experiences as it is – without being judgmental nor with condemnation. By doing so, you become attuned with the higher level of consciousness or appreciation of the Soul becomes possible.

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